1. How to Find the Right House

    The task of looking for a new home can feel exciting, while at the same time, overwhelming. How do you find a place that will eventually feel like home? If you’ve found several homes that you really like, how do you choose between the two? As realtors in Westlake Village, we understand the gravity of buying a new home. “Home” can mean many different things. For some, it is their sanctuary; f…Read More

  2. 5 Tips for Finding the Right Realtor

    Buying or selling a home is an endeavor that should not be taken lightly, and finding the right realtor can greatly affect not only finding the right home, but also the success of selling your home. Because most of us don’t buy or sell our homes often, it’s easy to forget what to look for in a realtor. Those experiences that have been exceptional or incredibly poor usually stick out to us, but…Read More